Pavol Hlavac Jr

Award winning Limerick based videographer with a 1.1 BSc degree in Multimedia Programming and Design with a huge passion for lens based work

Cycled across Europe

3,000km+ journey across Ireland, France, Germany, Austria and Slovakia and made a short film about it

Well Experienced

Completed 200+ videos for restaurants, hotels, bars, artists, businesses and schools and entrepreneurs

Does not work for free

Sure I'd love to do it for free but will pay my bills?

About Pavol Jr

Pavol has been a freelance videographer for over 3 years gathering tons of experience in the process. He is never afraid of a challenge. Whether it’s cycling across Europe or making commercials for high end clients his approach is the same. Do it piece by piece with a sense of humour. 

Pavol was born in Slovakia and has been living in Ireland since he was 10 years old. Having finished primary, secondary and college education here, Ireland couldn’t feel more like home. Yes, he is here to take your job.


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