Antares – Final Year Project

Using Virtual Reality to encourage exercise


Antares is a virtual reality application that encourages users to compete on a global leaderboard while they are keeping track of their calories. Users use their entire bodies to experience
a futuristic version of free throw and boxing.  Antares consists of two major components.
1. Antares website provides information about the project and allows users to sign up and log in to see leaderboards and their calories lost. This website also serves as a place for users to download the application.
2. Antares application provides immersive and thrilling virtual reality experience using the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers. Players compete in Boxing and Free throw.
The Antares website is a java web application using model, view, controller (MVC)  architecture developed in a NetBeans development environment. Front end of the application was designed and developed with the Bootstrap framework. The desktop application was developed in Unity 5.5.0 using C# programming language. Oculus software development kit and Newton framework were integrated and used throughout the development. A RESTful web service is used to communicate between the applications.

You can also visit the website. Just bear in mind that all the functionality no longer works as I stopped using the development server.

Antares Infographic Poster

Promotional video

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