Showcasing the towns and cities that inspire me to create.

I was never paid to create any of these videos. I do it purely out of passion and the need to create. Most of the videos are from Ireland and France but the end goal is to travel the world and create a video about each place I see fit.

Limerick in Motion

Limerick is where I’m at home, It gets a bad reputation for no fault but its own but a lot of people seem to forget to look at the bright side of it. That’s probably why this video did so well. If you don’t believe me look down through the comments.

Ennis in Motion

I spent 7 years living in Ennis, It is the town that I went to school and found my first love. No place has ever inspired me more than this town.

Paris in Motion

Paris is definitelly the bigest city that I have ever visited. I spent a week there while cycling across Europe

Bayeux in Motion

A small town in Normandy with a massive church in the middle that reminds me of Ennis. I cycled through it on my European Cycling trip. We couldn’t resist but to stop and make a video.

Caen in Motion

A beautiful historic city also in Normandy. Really rich history and full of people buzzing around.